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Location, location, location.


Often potential home buyers begin their search with a focus on square footage or must-have amenities, while specific location comes later. For real estate developers, location is key, especially for those building custom, luxury homes. Whether in the planning stages of an entire neighborhood or selecting a specific lot, the perfect location is imperative for sales success. Following their lead is an excellent way for buyers to find a home that meets both neighborhood and surrounding community needs.


As premier land developers seek property for new communities, they first consider proximity to education, healthcare, restaurants, and infrastructure. Accessibility to these external amenities is essential to draw future homeowners to up-and-coming neighborhoods.


  • Luxury home buyers desire convenience in addition to spacious lots. Neighborhoods that offer quiet, private streets while maintaining easy access to shopping, dining, and recreation rank high on real estate must-see lists. Proximity is positive, enhancing property value and appeal.
  • Upcoming communities should also be convenient to education provided by schools with excellent reputations. For relocating families, a quick trip for pickups or volunteer time in the classroom is very enticing. Minimal mileage to higher education facilities is also a plus.
  • A wide variety of local healthcare facilities can be a tremendous selling point for new neighborhoods. In a world where wellness is often driven by insurance guidelines, a large pool of healthcare providers is essential.
  • Accessibility to major infrastructure allows a serene, exclusive neighborhood to stay connected to the world around it. Communities that seamlessly connect to major transportation facilities such as highways, airports, and train stations are very desirable.


In addition to local amenities, developers pursue properties that offer exclusivity, beautiful views, and prestige.


  • Buyers in the luxury home market often list privacy as an essential item. Gated communities and limited access roads offer both security and seclusion. Larger lot sizes allow lavish homes to be spaced out, creating open site lines to natural areas without the feeling of crowding that occurs in less exclusive neighborhoods.
  • Gorgeous views provided by natural surroundings are a must when mapping out affluent neighborhoods. Developers strive to maintain existing water features such as ponds or creeks to highlight picturesque landscapes. Tranquility is valuable to buyers as custom-built homes often offer multiple outdoor spaces for relaxation or entertainment.
  • Prime locations can offer an air of prestige guided by the surrounding area. Buyers are attracted to addresses that have an association with a certain level of affluence. For instance, neighborhoods located near country clubs or high-end shopping centers can boost value and allure.


Appreciation and safety are also considered by premier developers when drawing plans for a new luxury community.


  • Those seeking property in the luxury home market are often mindful of future potential. Buyers search for homes that are not only the perfect place to set down roots, but will also have positive investment returns. Properties that are likely to gain value over time with high appreciation potential are ideal. 
  • Neighborhoods should offer a sense of security. This can be achieved through a combination of a strong sense of community and a low crime rate. Developers encourage this by including residents-only social structures such as pickleball courts or a clubhouse.


The ideal time to select a homesite within a new, opulent community is as the neighborhood’s blueprints are being drawn. While all luxury homes include beautiful lots, one may have features that another does not, such as waterfront views or the quiet of a cul-de-sac. Custom-built homes should be aesthetically pleasing, and spacious while using top-quality materials but it is location that plays the biggest role in overall appeal.


Windjam Properties and Sage Built are both established premier land developers with a focus on maintaining a beautiful environment for luxury communities while creating dream homesites for future residents.