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Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, the town of Pittsboro is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of history, art, and natural beauty. Known for small-town charm and a strong sense of community, Pittsboro also boasts picturesque streets, unique shopping, and a popular restaurant scene.

A stroll through its downtown area offers visitors a glimpse into Pittsboro’s past as streets are lined with historical brick buildings. Once home to inns and taverns, many now house locally owned boutiques, cafes, and galleries. When carved out as the Chatham County seat in the 1780s, the town blossomed from a central, public square. To this day, the area serves as a favorite gathering point for both locals and visitors all year long.

Artists have been migrating to Pittsboro for decades, creating a thriving arts community with a variety of local galleries. From April to December, the first Sunday of each month is dedicated to those creative minds at the Pittsboro First Sunday Artisan Fair. Here, musicians, craftsmen, and artists offer their products as the surrounding community comes together to support its town.

Not to be outdone, several Pittsboro-based eating establishments pull from local resources to create delicious dishes with a regional flair. Farm-to-table restaurants are sprinkled throughout the town and several craft breweries claim roots here. Because priority rests on ingredients sourced locally, patrons are often treated to “new” menus as seasonal favorites move on and off plates. From cafes to comfort food, visitors will never leave Pittsboro hungry.

For those lucky enough to live local to Pittsboro, shopping fresh is always convenient as several organic farms sell products at area markets. The Chatham Marketplace is a favorite spot to shop as shelves are filled, stocked, and shopped primarily by residents. This co-op opened in 2006 and has been following seven basic principles ever since: Acceptance, Democracy, Economic Participation, Independence, Education, Cooperation, and Community. Because it is community-owned and operated, Chatham Marketplace’s inventory is quite unique!

Picturesque landscapes are in abundance across North Carolina and Pittsboro meets the mark. The Haw River, Jordan Lake, and Uwharrie National Forest are among the favorites for fresh air enthusiasts. It is quite common to pass vehicles transporting kayaks or canoes via the streets of Pittsboro as numerous spots to fish, float, or paddle are easily accessible. And, where the waters meet the banks, swimming and picnicking are popular ways to pass the day.

The blend of history, arts, and natural beauty makes it easy to understand why many love to call Pittsboro “home.” New communities prioritize being excellent stewards of the area’s environment. Windjam Properties and Sage Built are currently building custom homes in multiple Pittsboro neighborhoods, each focused on the preservation of natural features to provide stunning homesites. After exploring Pittsboro’s charming downtown area, take time to explore one of these luxury neighborhoods: Summit, The Estates at Chapel Ridge, Windfall, Destin, The Hamptons, or Pennington at Jordan Lake.