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How do you create a partnership for positive change? By combining an essential community organization with a leading team dedicated to giving back locally. Such is the alliance of Windjam Companies and Hope Connection International (HCI), two keystones based in central North Carolina that have combined to make a huge impact. While it is not uncommon for locally owned businesses to partner with non-profits, the Windjam team excels at getting fully involved.

For over a decade, HCI has been an advocate in providing support to survivors of substance abuse, trauma, and domestic violence. With a wide variety of services, HCI is often considered a lifeline for those who have given up hope of recovery. A primary focus of HCI is in helping to break the cycle by providing resources for those children who have been witness to family struggles.

In 2012, HCI began its journey by offering support groups for those in recovery and for those who grew up surrounded by abuse or addiction. Promoting healing from past trauma has become a necessity in turning a positive page and creating a foundation on which to strengthen futures. Two years later, HCI opened its Community Care Center and invited parents and children to attend support groups, classes, and after-care.

The Deja Vu Furniture & Home Decor shop was opened in 2017 and has become an essential fundraising tool for HCI. This unique store collects donations and then gives them new life through repurposing or upcycling. Once completed, these one-of-a-kind pieces become available for purchase creating profit that is injected back into the HCI programs.

Today, HCI is actively fundraising to build a supportive housing center for victims of domestic abuse who are in distress. The facility will allow women and children a safe environment while gaining tools to become their own advocates and create roadmaps for success going forward.

Windjam Companies proudly gives back to its surrounding community wherever it can and HCI is one of its greatest beneficiaries. Rex Vick Jr currently sits on HCI’s advisory board, Rex Osborne is actively searching for the perfect location for HCI’s housing center, and Windjam’s CPA donates time to assist with taxes and payroll. Each October, Windjam is a primary sponsor of HCI’s annual fundraising golf tournament and also participates in its spring fundraising gala.

Windjam is passionate about HCI’s cause and strives to assist in providing a safe, stable environment for members of their surrounding communities. Transitional housing is essential for those recovering from substance abuse, victims of domestic violence, or those simply in need of aid reintegrating into a dependable living situation. With high-level knowledge of the real estate market, the team at Windjam quickly jumped in to pair with HCI.

While safety and functionality are the primary goals in transitional housing units, Windjam is also able to tap into the use of energy-efficient designs and materials. This ensures that the properties will be both cost friendly and sustainable for the long term. Because Windjam has taken the lead here, the staff at HCI is able to focus their efforts on clients.

The collaboration between Windjam Companies and Hope Connection International is a shining example of how a partnership can have a positive impact when focused on the common good.

This alliance will transform individual lives for years to come and, also, contribute to the health and vitality of surrounding communities.