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For many, the dream of building a custom, luxury home is simply that - a dream. Hustling home from work or errands to a home that feels like a sanctuary—built specifically to your tastes, both visually and functionally–sounds magical! But only in a dream? It doesn’t have to be. Your home should resonate with your personality from the moment you step through the door. Custom homes are absolutely within reach and the team at Sage Built [GV1] is ready to take your dream to reality.

What are the benefits of tapping into the custom-built home market?


Inside and out, your home will be an expression of your style, down to the tiniest details. When purchasing a pre-owned home or building from a generic floor plan, the product is designed for the masses rather than the individual. A custom build is designed specifically for the owner which means options are endless. Prefer to host movie nights at home? Add a theatre room. Aficionado of wines? Choose between a wine refrigerator or an entire wine cellar. Perhaps your love of pets has created a need for a washing station. Why not tuck one into the laundry area? A custom-built home offers an empty canvas which can be used to create a sanctuary that works best for you.


Have you ever thought about how your home affects your mental well-being? From surprise repairs to an ever-growing list of updates, pre-owned properties often come with unexpected stress. When building new, every aspect of the home is new, reducing those surprise repairs. When building custom, renovations become obsolete as your home is designed specifically for you. Further reduce stress by including space for relaxation, such as a dedicated fitness area, a library highlighted with rich wood accents, or a tranquil meditation space.

Minimized Carbon Footprint:

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of building a custom home is the ability to select the most environmentally friendly options. It is not uncommon for most homes to host energy-efficient appliances, but the list of beneficial items goes far beyond the kitchen. From solar panels to premium insulation to utilizing reclaimed materials, sustainability can be the focus of a custom build. And that kitchen? It is possible to create a kitchen that would be the envy of any chef while still minimizing its carbon footprint.


Imagine knowing exactly what your luxury home looks like behind its walls. Combining top-notch craftsmanship with premium materials means quality from the ground up, inside and out. Quartz countertops, hardwood floors, marble accents, and custom cabinetry all come together to create a custom home that is both beautiful and durable. As buyers select everything from hinge colors to outdoor cook spaces, they create an investment that will bring them joy for years to come.


Perhaps the factor that steers homeowners from a custom build the most is the fear of the cost. When weighing the expense versus the benefits of investment, resale value, and personalization, any additional cost is quickly canceled out. Custom homes built with superior craftsmanship sell for a higher value than those based on cookie-cutter floorplans. Paying slightly more for a dream home will all but guarantee higher returns down the road should a relocation become necessary. And, with those environmentally sensitive additions, many homeowners find monthly expenses decreased due to increased energy efficiency.

If you are still weighing the benefits of a custom build, reach out to a trusted company to learn more about the process. One of the Triangle area’s premiere builders is Sage Built, with expertise and experience spanning across the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro and Pinehurst areas, the Sage Built team excels in the custom home market from start to finish by building exceptional homes. 

Building a dream home is an option that many dismiss, yet it is quite viable. Your home should be more than a place to rest your head, it should be a reflection of your personality. Dream big and let Sage Built make it a reality!