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Chatham County, NC has been quietly on the rise for years, beginning with an influx of new residents and now becoming a hotspot for companies looking for the perfect place to expand. With the population consistently increasing, this is more than a trend, it is a testament to positive growth in this beautiful area nestled within the state’s Triangle region. Why has Chatham County become the place to set down both commercial and residential roots? Growth in both venues is planned strategically to provide endless opportunities while maintaining the southern charm and small-town feel for which the county is famous.


From 2010 to 2022, Chatham County grew by nearly 2% per year. This pace of growth is attributed to quaint communities designed and built by brands local to North Carolina, such as Sage Built Homes, that have loyalty to the landscape. New residents find beautiful neighborhoods convenient to businesses located in Research Triangle Park and beyond, premiere universities, and major thoroughfares. While many residents of Chatham County commute to offices located beyond its borders, that is expected to change as more top-tier companies arrive in Chatham County.


  • Siler City will soon be home to Wolfspeed, a silicon carbide manufacturing facility. As construction continues on Wolfspeed’s nearly 500-acre site, the industry is taking notice. Anticipated to open its doors to 2,000 employees, Wolfspeed is set to be a major player in the semiconductor industry.


  • VinFast began construction in Moncure after breaking ground in July. Haven’t heard of Vinfast yet? You will! Vinfast will be the talk of the town as this company brings its affordable luxury cars to American roads. Vinfast first entered the North American market in 2022 and its Chatham County facility will be host to nearly 8,000 jobs.


The Chatham County Economic Development Corporation expects to add several more mega-projects as it positions the county to become a favorite among businesses on the hunt for ideal sites. Commercial Construction permits have already been approved for The Hampton Inn, Lowe’s Food, a new YMCA building, and more. Another bonus? As companies sign onto the area, they are giving back. Both Vinfast and Wolfspeed have paired with Chatham County Schools and Central Carolina Community College to create a prospective employee pool that is homegrown.


Surrounding counties are also set to have a big impact on residents of Chatham County as additional expansion takes place.


  • Just over the Chatham County border, Toyota has taken ownership of an 1800-acre site for a new battery manufacturing building. This facility will soon be essential as Toyota continues to make positive waves in both hybrid and electric vehicle sales. With a plan to offer over two dozen battery-electric vehicles by 2030, Toyota is excited to bring thousands of additional jobs to this area.


  • The Raleigh ExecJet airport hosted its own groundbreaking ceremony in 2023 as it announced expansion plans for the coming years. Soon, the state's first electric aircraft chargers will be available at Raleigh Exec, a cutting-edge feature that will bring aviation aficionados from near and far. Raleigh Exec expects to double its footprint while tapping into locally sourced materials for construction.


The combination of sustainable living and a strong sense of community is incredibly appealing, expected to draw buyers to the area for years to come. On average, Chatham County neighborhoods offer larger home sites than those in Durham, or Orange counties, which appeals to buyers looking for more space, whether it's for privacy, gardening, or simply enjoying a bit of nature while matching a desired price point. Many feel that Wake or Johnston counties have embraced rapid growth by approving denser housing developments while Chatham County’s residential growth has been more thoughtful of environmental preservation.


Chatham County has positioned itself perfectly as it continues to gain popularity among both commercial and residential growth. Windjam Companies has become a familiar face in this growth whether through its land development, sales/marketing, or community development arms. Whether drawn to its environmental initiatives, strategic location, business, or residential opportunities, Chatham County is a market to watch.